London Bridge, London – It has been a busy six months for the Molewood Consulting Private Equity team, juggling a myriad of business ventures, all in varying stages of life and development. Extremely rewarding then, for the stakeholders and teams involved, to see the recent launch of its Venue advertising and marketing website – So far sign up rates of users looking for venues for their unique requirements; and venues looking to promote their spaces has been quite exceptional.

Molewood today has seven projects in the pipeline and applies both internal and external resources in helping those projects evolve to commercial fruition and growth.

“We want to evolve the exceptional ideas that we come across every day out there. Support is more than just money, it’s a full suite of strategy and experience that a business needs but cannot necessarily tap into.” Says Simon Cole, partner at Molewood Consulting. “It’s about creating a structure, implementing systems, a spine of processes and compliance. Then generating and supporting a stellar product, a user friendly website, finding “Rock Star” staff, engaging a sales plan and implementing a clear role out strategy. But not just today…for the next five years.”

In February, Molewood launched a student competition, tasked with finding the next wave of bright, entrepreneurs.  This joint programme partnered with Loughborough University will furnish the winner with the opportunity to breath life into their concept, and utilise the skills and resources of Molewood Consulting and its partner entities, to create something very special.  “It gives students with great ideas and vision an outlet that both they, and Molewood Consulting can benefit from. It’s a step on a ladder in a very tough Economic environment.” Says Damian Hall, partner at Molewood Consulting.

The responses to the competition have been absolutely outstanding and we hope to see even more ingenuity from the next wave of Entrepreneurs, before the competition closes on the 30th April.


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