The Uber of the restaurant sector has arrived…

After a year of beta testing its Reservation and Marketing platform for Restaurants, Bars and Meeting Places, Venue10 is launching on 28th February 2015.  Specialising in table and group reservations, the online platform has been developed to take on market leader OpenTable in the UK and beyond.

Venue10 is founded on the passionate belief that a price war is needed for restaurants to achieve better margins, enabling them to reinvest in their businesses and pass the benefits straight on to customers.

Damian Hall, CEO of Venue10 says, “Companies like Open Table charge a lot of money for their services and hold a monopoly that leaves little choice for venue customers. We know that venues want choice and they also want affordability.

“Venue10, and others like us, intend to shake up the sector by providing a reservation solution that’s affordable for venues, while not sacrificing functionality. By providing more for less, customers of restaurants, bars and meeting places won’t be paying indirectly for the high costs of service providers like OpenTable.

“Venue10 intends to do for the Dining, Entertaining and Meeting reservation marketplace what Uber has for the taxi industry. It’s been a long time coming, but putting profits back into the hands of businesses and reducing OpenTable’s monopoly is only the start of this revolution.

“If we can help make that a reality by offering choice and affordability we will. The reservation marketplace has cost too many businesses too much for too long.  You just need to ask a restaurant owner to hear that.”

The much anticipated launch will take place on 28th February, rolling out a universal platform across multiple applications. No matter the engagement, Venue 10 will offer venues and customers a new way to make a reservation from the end of February.

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