Molewood Consulting has developed a Mobile Application, which will track asset movement and status – in the case of most businesses this would be the hardware, stock and products that your business requires in order to stay in business and operate effectively.

Using our mobile app and web application management tool, each asset would have its own unique barcode and the iPhone device would act as a hand scanner, which has the benefit of cost saving and mobility. Your business would be able to track the location of each stock item / asset or piece of hardware. This would be fully traceable by Location – and then by status – Active / Held in Stock / In repair etc. We can create the categories to suit the needs of your company. Your business can manage maintenance and much more.

Your business could also use this as a check in and out for assets on site, that are rented out or moving in and out during the day or week, and link those items to the person who has removed it for use. Helping to reduce loss and theft.

Using the Web Application your management would be able to see at a glance where all assets are, and respond to seasonal demand and demand by the customers for more assets etc… and we can utilise Geo Positioning as well. Our data analytics and reporting will provide a dynamic overview.

We create a tailored web application, which holds a full database of your assets and products, suppliers, customers, all locations and much more. We can work in other documents and set up a variety of other reports and documentation to suit your requirements.

You would also be able to use our software to assign your hardware, assets and products for selling and generate and email a sales invoice to your customer within this system. Or purchase order to your supplier… and a good deal more.

It will work with your existing finance package in terms of report integration and you will have a full stock report, by day, week, month or year, which will be useful for both the management overview, and for the Audit and Stocktakes. You can assign a £value to the assets and know the overall total value of the Assets at any given time. You can even work out the cost, revenue and ROI on each asset.

We can tailor the app to your business in terms of your requirements and in terms of your brand style, colour pallets, fonts, images etc, so it feels like your own bespoke product.

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