Another year over. You made it through 2013. No mean feat, bearing in mind everything they threw at us.

Possibly you work for a company that paid a Christmas Bonus, very generous, if not alien to others. Presumably the lack of tumble of extra coins into your bank account prompted you to register with a smorgasbord of able bodied recruitment consultants, who are right now turning over stones on your behalf.

Polish up that CV, start appearing at work a little smarter and a little later. Well shined shoes, that old rucksack discarded… new suit? Ignore those comments from peers, juniors and bosses… Tell them straight, be honest, fearless and say, er…yes, another dentist appointment, crowns, this time. Watch them wince and wonder if it was the fib or the sympathy that induced that.

Try your hardest not to mention “job interview, wish me #luck” on social media. There is nothing so daft as taking a sickie and posting a selfie at Alton Towers on a roller coaster.

So, 5 tips for winning over an interviewer in 2014:

1 Tailor your CV and cover letter to the role and company you are targeting.

2 Research the company and staff. Pull details from LinkedIn, Companies House, Google et al. Scare them all with the amount you know about them. You are a private eye, compiling information, so fill up that dossier.

3 Research the rivals that sit in your new firm’s space. Know your enemy.

4 Ask about where the business is going. Why? Because you want to go there too.

5 Be on time, dress smartly, sit up and put on the enthusiasm of someone who is arguing (hypothetically) not to be thrown out of a plane…

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